To our beloved clients,

Welcome back!  As you may be aware, we will begin to reopen the salon beginning May 15th.  We cannot wait to reconnect with each of you and to welcome you back to our salon.  Please review the following adjustments that we have made to our space, in effort to ensure the utmost safety of our clients, friends, and associates.

About Your Visit:

We are currently asking that you notify the desk at 513-713-1448, upon arrival for your session, as we maintain proper social distancing and stringent cleaning practices.   Please do not enter the salon until the front desk has alerted you that you may enter, this is to provide ample time to clean, sanitize, and transition between sessions.

Our stylists will wear masks during each session, and we kindly ask that you do so as well.   Please let us know if you experience symptoms of COVID-19 at any point before, during, or after your session.   If you need additional information regarding symptoms, please visit the CDC's website.

We strongly encourage the use of credit /debit card or a pre-written check, to minimize contact for each client.  If you have any special requests regarding shared gratuity between service providers, please let the desk or your service provider know.  Check with your stylist if you have any questions about accepted payment methods, as they may vary between service providers. 

Scheduling Your Visit:

Please call the front desk at 513-713-1448 to make any booking requests at our salon.   At this time, we cannot accept walk-in appointments, but will absolutely accommodate booking requests as quickly as possible.  We encourage you to check in with us by telephone, if you have any questions about our availability.   

While booking your appointment, please notify us if you are part of a high-risk population, so that we may welcome you to an appropriate time. 

Behind The Scenes

We are doing everything that we can to properly prepare for each visit and have updated our housekeeping practices accordingly.  Please note that before, during, and after each visit, we will be diligently sanitizing and cleaning all tools and associated areas. Our space will be routinely cleaned throughout the day, as well as deep-cleaned throughout the week. In addition to this, our staff will be taking a daily health assessment and will not be present if they encounter any symptoms of COVID-19.