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Hello from CoCo Creative Wellness!

Guided by the experienced leadership of Kenji Cummings & Lisa Herman, the team at CoCo Creative Wellness provides clients with a singular location for all of their hair, skin, and nail services.   We strive to provide powerful transformation to the lives of our clients and to assist them in achieving their total beauty vision. 

CoCo Creative makes conscious choices about creating a unified team of professionals who are in line with our vision toward a welcoming, professional atmosphere. Our team receives ongoing professional training and development from a variety of experts in their fields. Additionally, they receive coaching and mentoring so that every client receives superior up-to-date services.

Our Home

CoCo Creative Wellness is located in the historic Jackson Theater in the Columbia Tusculum area of Cincinnati. Built in 1915, the building was first a movie theater. Original restored features such as the brick and terrazzo floors, along with the Box Office concrete, bring a sense of history and Old Hollywood glamour to our amazing space.


The restoration of the Jackson Building aligns beautifully with the neighborhood being restored to vitality.    We feel a connection to this community.    CoCo Creative Wellness is proud to be an anchor of this revitalization. 

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